Our Akura Nursery in Masterton has been supplying tree species for over 30 years. These are suitable for shelter, fuelwood, erosion control and timber. We also collect seeds of native plants from Wairarapa, send them to an external nursery to grow for us and then sell them.

Situated on the outskirts of Masterton, Akura opens at the end of May or the beginning of June and closes in September.

At least 84% of New Zealand indigenous plant species occur naturally and grows nowhere else in the world. This makes them very special and globally significant.

In the Wellington region alone, 90 native vascular plant species are threatened. They need our help. More than 30 of these threatened species are suitable for gardens.

Gardening with native plants provides a natural insurance policy for them and the ecosystems. More people are increasingly using only plants which are eco-sourced. This means they are grown from seeds from local, wild populations.

Our staff can provide advice on planning, contract planting, tree species, protection techniques, shelter, pruning, chemicals and animal repellents. We are specialists in land management, soil conservation techniques, land use and species recommendations.

How to find us

Akura Plant Nursery152 Akura Road, PO Box 41, Masterton

Opening hours

Akura Plant Nursery is open from 30 May – 1 October 2022 (until plants run out).


  • Monday – Friday: 8am to 4pm
  • Saturdays (from 3 September to 1 October 2022 only): 8am to 12pm


  • Saturdays from 30 May – 27 August 2022
  • Sundays

Contact details

Tel: 06 370 5614

Email: akura@gw.govt.nz


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