Erosion can devalue your property and have negative effects downstream. 

Fence and plant to prevent erosion

  • Fencing off waterways to exclude stock.
  • Plant poplar and willow 'poles'. The fast-growing trees have expansive root systems for ground stabilisation, and also provide stock shade and amenity values. Poles can be planted with sleeves to protect them from stock and cost $20 to $30 each, including Dynex sleeves and planting labour.

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Wellington Regional Erosion Control Initiative

The Wellington Regional Erosion Control Initiative (WRECI) started in 2009 in conjunction with the Ministry for Agriculture and Forestry (now Ministry for Primary Industries) to target the erosion prone areas in the Wairarapa considered the most in need of treatment.  These were chosen based on the rates of sediment discharge and percentage of erosion prone land in the catchment.

From 1 July 2015 the programme changed to target high priority Land Use Capability (LUC) classifications over the whole region.  For information on what areas of your property qualify for WRECI funding please contact your Land Management Advisor.

For further information email Josie Winters or call 06 826 1569, or the Land Management Advisor for your area.

Updated November 22, 2022 at 11:11 AM

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